Australia kanda is not actually Australia kanda !


Recent days a video has been passed around tittled “Australia kanda”

Where people just thought the girl is from Australia.

This has been a number one gossip matter to chat amont the youths in recent days.

But turns out the video everyones been saying Australia kanda is not actually Australia kanda

And the girl is not nepali and the video is not even in Australia.

Turns out the girl has a channel of her own in pornh*b releasing more than 10+ videos.

Rumours about these kind of things can lead into serious issues.

Think it that way

Even if that girl was a nepali and everyones been sharing it . What will the girl go through?

Do you not think because of this kind of behaviour there were many girls who had to commit suicide ?

I would suggest not to share any kind of videos that exposes someone or that can lead someone to commit suicide.

If you receive something just delete it and stop the ongoing chaos.

Your action or your matter to laugh today might take someone’s life in future.


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