“Coronavirus, A global emergency”-WHO


Corona virus which got started to spread from a market in wuhan china has spread around the world rapidly.

As in a news BBC wrote Coronavirus is now declared as a global health emergency by WHO.

Mentioning, The concerns of countries that has poor health facilities.

WHO declares a global emergency only when there is a extra risk to the public around the globe. This is the 6th time when WHO has declared a global emergency, 5 being H1N1 Flu (swine flu) 2009, Polio 2014, Zika 2016 and Ebola in 2014 & 2019.

Till date this virus has taken life of more than 168 people in china. However even this virus has spread to other countries it has 0 deaths cases on any other countries.

Countries including China, thailand, USA, Nepal, Germany, France, Srilanka, Australia have already found 1 or more cases of coronavirus

This virus spreads from a person to another by sneeze, cough , or any humanly droplets carrying virus which is transmitted to another person.

WHO chief Dr.Tedros says the virus is spreading unpredictability and mentioned that china is using extra procedures to protect the virus from spreading to any other countries.

The symptoms of corona virus are

Source : health.gov.au


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