Making money delivering food and parcels.


Recent outbreak of covid-19 has effected a lots of jobs

Due to closure of most cafes, restaurants and other jobs over thousand of workers have lost their jobs.Cafes and resturants are either shut completely or are just doing delivery and pickups. People who lost their jobs due to the lockdown can take this as an advantage or as a startup for their new delivery side hustle. Now only delivering foods but also packages/groceries and other items. There are not much people out on the streets or out at city as everyone is concerned about the virus. People are most likely to order things and get it delivered to home rather than going out any buying them. Which can be a advantage for you to earn some extra cash delivering those items.

Here today I present you few services that you can use to start delivering and earning.

All you need is your car or a scooter or a bike. If you dont have one just a cheap Kmart bike is good to start. Even if you dont have any i have a tip for you at the end so dont forget to read it all.

Few of the services that talk about here will only approve your application if you have a car. So, if you dont own a car then you can ignore them.


So lets start.

Food Delivery:

  • Uber eats

Okay, You have most likely heard about uber eats, as this is the most popular one on the market. where people can order food and it gets delivered to them. So you will be the guy delivering the food. Delivering food through Uber eats can generate a decent income for you to get along through rent and other bills.

Delivering with uber you can start with any delivery medium. car,bike or a scooter and start anytime and wherever you would like to start. Just tap “go” on the app and start receiving orders.

Start your uber eats journey HERE

  • Menulog 

Menulog is another on the list of delivering food which is as famous as uber eats and can generate a decent income too. however signup with this I personally found it had to signup. as they might have you wait until they need someone on a specific area. However once they accept your application. You are ready to make that extra bucks.

Start your Menulog journey HERE

  • Deliveroo 

Another one on the game is Deliveroo which is also another service of food delivery that are affiliated with restaurants and freelancer drivers who deliver foods. Its easy to signup however it will take few days for them to verify your application and get started.

Start your deliveroo journey HERE

  • Doordash

My personal favourite, Doordash is a new delivery service in Australia delivering foods from restaurants. Signing up to doordash is a bit different than others as they will ask you to join them for a physical session which includes rider safety app walkthrough and other things. once you are through application process and get approved to deliver. Thats the fun part as every delivery is $$$$.

Start your Doordash Journey HERE

Parcel Delivery:

  • Amazon Flex :

This is a new service in Australia started after Amazon was launched here. It is basically you delivering parcel to people who order through amazon. As amazon promises its customers with prime plan for their items to be shipped to them early than others. Amazon gets freelancer delivery drivers to get these parcel delivered. On food delivery services you collect items from restaurants. But here you have to collect parcels from amazon warehouse. so its quite different that others. however, once your application is approved you will get enough jobs as there are thousands of people ordering things through Amazon. However you would need a car to do this so wont be an ideal job for those with bikes.

Start your Amazon Journey HERE

  • Sherpa

Another delivery service is sherpa which is a on demand delivery service which delivers Gifts, flowers, alcohol and many more. Like amazon flex you need a car or a motorcycle for this service as the delivery location might be a bit far and delivering through a cycle is not an ideal idea. I personally recommend Sherpa if you have spare time and a car which will generate you a decent income.

Start your Sherpa journey HERE


These were few delivery services which can be your next momey making platform. Remember NO HARDWORK NO INCOME. So work out which platform works best for you and get started Today !.

Oh forgot to mention !

If you don’t own any vehicle You can rent out electric bike to get on the road. I recommend you to use bolt bikes through which you can rent electric bike with the help of their app. you register your interest through ther website or app and register to rent and pickup from their location.

Rent out bike HERE


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