Best Nepali Restaurant in Ashfield, Sydney

Nepali Resturant in Ashfield

In the last few years, the number of Nepalese people has been increased rapidly in Australia. As a result, the Nepalese foods are recognized as one of the vital cuisines. In the cuisine menu of Menulog, Uber Eats and Deliverloo we can find Nepali in their option, which makes clear about the demand for Nepali Food in Australia. The number of Nepali restaurant is increasing in all over Australia, but the primary location is still the Ashfield, Sydney.

Ashfield is one of the oldest suburbs of Sydney, NSW, and it contains people from different countries. Ashfield belongs in one of the excellent places to live by Nepali in Sydney because of its natural market and proper transportation. The population of Nepalese in Ashfield is above 10,000, which created a massive demand for Nepali restaurants in Ashfield. Although there is various Nepali restaurant all over in Sydney, Ashfield still holds some of the best one on the entire NSW. I will try to list a few of the famous Nepali Resturant in Ashfield.

 Da Vatti- Nepali Resturant in Ashfield

The name itself describes the particular type of Nepali cuisine which is famous among small cottage hotels. Da Vatti is one of the famous Nepali Resturant in Entire Sydney because of its tasty and quality foods. Specially I have visited there over a couple of times but never been disappointed with their food and the service. I loved the Momo and Sukuti from this restaurant.

The Hungry Eye

The Hungry Eye is famous for its Thakali Khana Set and traditional Nepali chicken curry. The location of this restaurant in nearby Ashfield Station, you need to walk a few minutes from the station. I have there once, and I was impressed by their service and quality of food.

The number of Nepali Resturant in Ashfield and its surrounding area is increasing every day, which helps the Nepali food industry is growing in Sydney. These Nepali food joints have helped lots of Nepali students in Australia who were struggling for a Job. Most of the people still prefer learning foreign courses before landing in Australia, which is helpful. Again, I think every Nepali people who want to move to Australia need to learn Nepali Cusine. The Nepali food industry is going to provide lots of employment in the coming days.



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