The 3 Best Nepalese Restaurants in Auburn


Due to the increasing demand for Nepalese food in Auburn, the number of Nepalese restaurants in Auburn has increased. Nepalese food is full of spices and rich in flavors, which made it famous all across Australia. Me myself being a Nepalese, I thought it would be beautiful experiences to try Nepalese food in Auburn. I tired couples of auburn Nepalese restaurant for a few months decided to share my experiences. I am going to list down the three best Nepalese restaurants in Auburn.

Himalayan Fusion Café-Best Nepalese Restaurants in Auburn

First of all, the Himalayan Fusion Café is one of the oldest Nepalese restaurants in Sydney. They are serving their customer since the year 2009. Personally, what I feel is, Himalayan Fusion Café is the best place in Auburn to have authentic Nepalese food in the entire suburb. “Jhol Nepali Momo” one of the best dishes which you can enjoy in this restaurant. I suggest starting with some snacks and try their momos.

Location: 73, Rawson Street

Sambandha Nepalese Restaurant

This restaurant is renowned for its high-quality food and authentic Nepalese cuisine. You can enjoy authentic Nepalese snacks along with a glass of wine in this auburn Nepalese restaurant. They have included a massive range of Nepalese cuisines, which are famous all across the country. Similarly, You can enjoy the taste of “Chana Chatpate,” “Pani Puri’ and “Chaat,” which are trendy and tasty snacks. Usually, they are sold by local vendors in Nepal.

Location: 57-59 Queen St Shop p17

Saino Nepalese & Indian Restaurant

Saino Nepalese restaurant is a popular Nepali restaurant in Auburn. This restaurant is really popular for “Momo” and its variant types. “Buff Sadeko Momo” is one of the best dishes you need to try on this restaurant. I fell this restaurant deserves to be in the list of best Nepalese restaurant Auburn due to authentic Nepalese taste.

Location: 67 Rawson St

Finally, These are the best Nepali Restaurant in the Auburn suburb. Probably, you can find another Nepali restaurant as well in Auburn they are good as well, but these are the list of the best ones. I have also written a similar article on Best Nepalese Restaurant in Ashfield. You can check it out as well.


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