Why you should never use hundi to send money home ? What to use instead?


Sending money home ?

Who doesn’t want to see their family happy or send money home to help them buy things they like.

But how can i send money ?



If you have a viber account or a whatapp account you may already be a member of a nepali money transfer group.

Its basically run by someone who may or mat not legally have right to do so.

But is running a remit service and calling them official or whatsoever.

They send you updates on everyday rates

But are they legit?

What are the chances that they will 100% deposit money on you account in nepal ?

Well, i dont have any answers to that

However what i can say is NEVER TRUST ANYONE

If someone claims to be a so called remit and gives you a better rate ask for the company details or ABN number and check the ABN number on ABN CHECKER.

There are more than 100 cases where people trust someone who they meet on viber or somewhere claiming to be a remit and give them money which you have earned without eating on a proper time or not sleeping or doing hard job.

And resulting they not depositing money in nepal. And wont response to you or block you.

This is a story that you see on social media every week claiming someone was fraud or someone took your money and is not responding you.

Here i am not trying to say that everyone that owns a remit or works for a remit is a fraud. But just trying to aware what can happen.

So what are the options ?

Well i will say there are 3 official and secure options.

1. Using your bank app

Yes, You can directly send money to a bank account from you combank or any other eligible bank. Its simply dont through your bank app.

2. Using WesternUnion

WesternUnion is a official money transfer platform where you can send money anywhere

And receiver can pickup from any WesternUnion collection spot or any participating vendors. You can simply choose how much you want to send and the app will say how much the receiver will get in nepal according to the rate of that day and you can simply put your card details to transfer money.

Receiver has to take their ID and the transfer code to the collection spot And easily collect the money.

Signup to WesternUnion here .

Last but not the least ( and which i think gives you more rate for your $)

3. World remit

Same as WesternUnion world remit provides you easy money transfer with greater rates and is secure.

Similar to WesternUnion the receiver can collect money from participating vendors with their ID and the transfer code.

Signup to worldremit here

And transfer money for free (only works if you signup through here)

And also receive $35 credit on your signup.

So there are a few ways where you can transfer money easily and more importantly securely.

No more tension on fake remit or whatsoever

Act wise, dont let 1rupee higher rate for your $ the an opportunity to scam you.


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